Update June 2023




To all participants at EHM2023


The organizing committee for the European Healey Meeting 2023 would like to thank each and every one of you.


It has been a great pleasure for us to host such a positive group of Healey enthusiasts!


We are filled with humble gratitude for all the effort you have put into your trip to Norway and for all the feedback we have received after a fantastic week in sunny Geiranger.


It wouldn't be the same without all of you. We are already looking forward to EHM2027 in the Netherlands.



Line Aasen Sørhaug
International Relations

Here is the last minute information from the ferry company Fjord1, that we will be using  during our trips.

You can travel invoice-free (cheaper) by creating an account FerryPay.

Please follow the link below and you can pay through FerryPay on any ferry in Norway, not just Fjord1.



Update May 2023



In 2023, Frederique Constant is happy to participate in the European Healey meeting, taking place in Geiranger, Norway, from June 12th to 18th, a place known for it’s interesting car history. Encircled by beautiful fjords and spectacular surroundings, the vintage and Austin-Healey car lovers will enjoy spectacular driving routes.


On this occasion, the Brand will be presenting its latest Vintage Rally limited edition of only 1888 pieces, the Classics Vintage Rally Healey Automatic COSC. 

Read more about it here. 

Update May 2023

Alternative summer routes coming to Geiranger on Monday 12th. June


Quite a few of you have asked us to provide information regarding the drive to EHM 2023 in Geiranger. Underneath we propose to you 4 different alternatives to be utilized, dependent on the road you select from your start point in Norway. 


From south east and northern part of Norway

Alt 1.     From Otta on E6, then E15 past Vågåmo to Lom and further to Grotli. RV 63 from Grotli to Geiranger.

Alt 2.     Oslo to Fagernes on E16. From Fagernes on RV 51 to Beitostølen and further to Randen where you meet E15. Then E15 to Lom and further to Grotli. RV 63 from Grotli to Geiranger. 



From south west and southern part of Norway

Alt 3.     From Sogndal on RV55 to Turtagrø and further to Lom and to Grotli on E15. RV 63 from Grotli to Geiranger.

From western part of Norway

Alt 4.     From Stryn on E15 to Grotli and further down to Geiranger on RV 63.


Please be aware that RV 51 and RV 63 are summer roads only open for traffic in certain periods of the Year.

Further, the Trollstigen part of RV 63 after Geiranger,  will only be open for traffic from  31st May this year.

Due to the above, you will not be able to find these summer routes available on google maps yet.




Previously we have made you aware of the fact that the small petrol station in Geiranger can only

provide E10 95.

Therefore, we urge you to fill up on E5 98 at the last petrol station en route to Geiranger.

 Underneath we have listed the “last petrol station” with E5 98 on each route.


Alt 1, 2 & 3.         Esso at Lom (98 km to Geiranger)

Alt 4.                     Esso in Stryn (75 km to Geiranger)


NB! Once in Geiranger, it is only 30 km to the nearest Shell E5 98 petrol station in Valdal.

Requires ferry between Eidsdal and Linge.


See you soon !

Drive carefully ! 

Update May 2023

Are you ready for EHM2023 ?


We at the EHM 2023 Organizing Committee, together with the generous voluntary support from Austin Healey Club Norway, are all highly prepared and ready to greet you with a warm and hearty welcome to Geiranger on Monday 12th June 2023.  The registration kicks off at 14:00 (2:00 PM) in the lobby of the Union Hotel and we are looking forward to serving you our best way possible.
After registration you check-in individually at your selected hotel.


Welcome Reception
                Official opening of the 6th European Healey Meeting 2023 will commence on

Monday 12th  June 

  at 21:30 (09:30 PM) at Hotel Union.


General  driving information

  1.  In Norway, common passes for road toll and ferry exists. However, it is not expected for tourists to acquire these for their private car.  For tourists, all toll  road and ferry fees will be sent to you by post as an invoice later on.  Should you still insist, it is possible to order a "pass deal" through either Norwegian or Danish  toll-pass provider companies.
  2. Unfortunately, the 95 E10 petrol has now been introduced in NorwayHowever, quite a few gas stations still sell 98 (E5) without ethanol (Shell & most of ESSO petrol stations).The 98 quality petrol is not available in Geiranger, but this quality will be possible to buy at petrol stations on your tours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! The EHM2023 road book will provide detailed info to this subject!
  3. It is not possible to preorder space on Norwegian domestic ferries. Nevertheless, it's absolutely essential that you preorder tickets on the ferries    between Denmark, Holland or  Germany to Norway. June is high season!!



When arriving Geiranger at Union Hotel Monday afternoon, the first thing that will meet you is our EHM2023 Marshals responsible for a safe and correct parking. Please pay attention and follow their instructions as to where and how you shall park your car. The spot they guide you to, shall be your spot to use throughout the entire EHM2023 week.





The use of cash in Norway has more or less subsided and electronic payment service has taken over and most debit and credit cards are generally accepted.
However, we urge you to make sure that you maintain some cash to spend for our EHM2023 prize raffle, since electronic payment will not be made available for the raffle.

Update April 2023

A kindly reminder !
Last chance to order the memorable EHM2023 Polo shirt this weekend!
We know many of you think you have enough of these types of Polo’s, but this one is one of a kind! High quality!

Participants of the EHM event can order the “custom made EHM polo” by sending an order E-mail  to; john@healeymenswear.com     

The high quality brand polo has the EHM logo on the right breast,  “Union jack” on the left arm  and the Healey sign on the back.   
Price : € 60
Healey Menswear will bring the shirts to Geiranger.  
In the order-mail, please fill out : 
Men size  :  M, L, XL, XXL or 3XL           
Woman size :   S, M, L  or XL
Color :  Blue or White   
Polo can be payed by normal bank transfer  to: 
J.G. Beunk  Iban nr.     
NL16ABNA 0524465789         
BIC  nr.  ABNANL2A     
Mention ;  Name, size and color.

Trollstigen is getting ready for us!


What to wear

When you registered your participation for the EHM2023, you were presented a brief day to day program.  On Saturday the 17th. June one of the attractions is the “Gala Dinner”.

Quite a few of you participating teams have raised the question of “what to wear” at the “Gala Dinner”.  Since the intention was that we would only advice “Smart casual”, the EHM2023 Committee has found it prudent to change the name of this attraction to “Farewell Dinner”!