Update May 2023

Alternative summer routes coming to Geiranger on Monday 12th. June


Quite a few of you have asked us to provide information regarding the drive to EHM 2023 in Geiranger. Underneath we propose to you 4 different alternatives to be utilized, dependent on the road you select from your start point in Norway. 


From south east and northern part of Norway

Alt 1.     From Otta on E6, then E15 past Vågåmo to Lom and further to Grotli. RV 63 from Grotli to Geiranger.

Alt 2.     Oslo to Fagernes on E16. From Fagernes on RV 51 to Beitostølen and further to Randen where you meet E15. Then E15 to Lom and further to Grotli. RV 63 from Grotli to Geiranger. 



From south west and southern part of Norway

Alt 3.     From Sogndal on RV55 to Turtagrø and further to Lom and to Grotli on E15. RV 63 from Grotli to Geiranger.

From western part of Norway

Alt 4.     From Stryn on E15 to Grotli and further down to Geiranger on RV 63.


Please be aware that RV 51 and RV 63 are summer roads only open for traffic in certain periods of the Year.

Further, the Trollstigen part of RV 63 after Geiranger,  will only be open for traffic from  31st May this year.

Due to the above, you will not be able to find these summer routes available on google maps yet.




Previously we have made you aware of the fact that the small petrol station in Geiranger can only

provide E10 95.

Therefore, we urge you to fill up on E5 98 at the last petrol station en route to Geiranger.

 Underneath we have listed the “last petrol station” with E5 98 on each route.


Alt 1, 2 & 3.         Esso at Lom (98 km to Geiranger)

Alt 4.                     Esso in Stryn (75 km to Geiranger)


NB! Once in Geiranger, it is only 30 km to the nearest Shell E5 98 petrol station in Valdal.

Requires ferry between Eidsdal and Linge.


See you soon !

Drive carefully ! 

Update May 2023

Are you ready for EHM2023 ?


We at the EHM 2023 Organizing Committee, together with the generous voluntary support from Austin Healey Club Norway, are all highly prepared and ready to greet you with a warm and hearty welcome to Geiranger on Monday 12th June 2023.  The registration kicks off at 14:00 (2:00 PM) in the lobby of the Union Hotel and we are looking forward to serving you our best way possible.
After registration you check-in individually at your selected hotel.


Welcome Reception
                Official opening of the 6th European Healey Meeting 2023 will commence on

Monday 12th  June 

  at 21:30 (09:30 PM) at Hotel Union.


General  driving information

  1.  In Norway, common passes for road toll and ferry exists. However, it is not expected for tourists to acquire these for their private car.  For tourists, all toll  road and ferry fees will be sent to you by post as an invoice later on.  Should you still insist, it is possible to order a "pass deal" through either Norwegian or Danish  toll-pass provider companies.
  2. Unfortunately, the 95 E10 petrol has now been introduced in NorwayHowever, quite a few gas stations still sell 98 (E5) without ethanol (Shell & most of ESSO petrol stations).The 98 quality petrol is not available in Geiranger, but this quality will be possible to buy at petrol stations on your tours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! The EHM2023 road book will provide detailed info to this subject!
  3. It is not possible to preorder space on Norwegian domestic ferries. Nevertheless, it's absolutely essential that you preorder tickets on the ferries    between Denmark, Holland or  Germany to Norway. June is high season!!



When arriving Geiranger at Union Hotel Monday afternoon, the first thing that will meet you is our EHM2023 Marshals responsible for a safe and correct parking. Please pay attention and follow their instructions as to where and how you shall park your car. The spot they guide you to, shall be your spot to use throughout the entire EHM2023 week.





The use of cash in Norway has more or less subsided and electronic payment service has taken over and most debit and credit cards are generally accepted.
However, we urge you to make sure that you maintain some cash to spend for our EHM2023 prize raffle, since electronic payment will not be made available for the raffle.

Update April 2023

A kindly reminder !
Last chance to order the memorable EHM2023 Polo shirt this weekend!
We know many of you think you have enough of these types of Polo’s, but this one is one of a kind! High quality!

Participants of the EHM event can order the “custom made EHM polo” by sending an order E-mail  to; john@healeymenswear.com     

The high quality brand polo has the EHM logo on the right breast,  “Union jack” on the left arm  and the Healey sign on the back.   
Price : € 60
Healey Menswear will bring the shirts to Geiranger.  
In the order-mail, please fill out : 
Men size  :  M, L, XL, XXL or 3XL           
Woman size :   S, M, L  or XL
Color :  Blue or White   
Polo can be payed by normal bank transfer  to: 
J.G. Beunk  Iban nr.     
NL16ABNA 0524465789         
BIC  nr.  ABNANL2A     
Mention ;  Name, size and color.

Trollstigen is getting ready for us!


What to wear

When you registered your participation for the EHM2023, you were presented a brief day to day program.  On Saturday the 17th. June one of the attractions is the “Gala Dinner”.

Quite a few of you participating teams have raised the question of “what to wear” at the “Gala Dinner”.  Since the intention was that we would only advice “Smart casual”, the EHM2023 Committee has found it prudent to change the name of this attraction to “Farewell Dinner”!


Commemorative pique t-shirt

In our January 2023 Update the EHM2023 Committee gave all of you Austin Healey participating enthusiasts the possibility to order and acquire the unique EHM2023 Commemorative  pique polo t-shirt. In order to ascertain that you will receive your shirt at the EHM2023 in Geiranger, the Committee advice that you should place your order at the soonest!


EHM2023 Safety

The EHM2023 Committee wants to take this “just before” opportunity to submit a reminder to all of you that certain vital safety precautions are of utmost importance.


·         Each car must have, readily available, both a fluorescent vest and a reflective safety triangle.


·         It is recommended to thoroughly review your car’s brake system before attending the EHM2023.  Service should be              of recent date and include inspection of brake pads, lining and brake fluid



Update March 2023:

We proudly present one of our 3 main sponsors: AH Spares. They will be in Geiranger for the whole event. 

Update March 2023:

Dear EHM participants travelling through Bergen


Before EHM


The classic car club of Bergen - Bergen Veteranvogn Klubb (bvkn.no) and the Bergen Technical Museum (https://www.bergenstekniskemuseum.no) are happy to accommodate those participants arriving to Bergen early in providing safe parking for their vehicles. We are familiar with some of you planning a cruise along the coast of Norway. We can offer indoor parking at our museum, as long as you can accept that we move the vehicles outside on Sunday(s) when the museum is open to the public from noon until 4.00PM. Our members will handle your vehicles, and put them on display for our visitors on the fenced in museum grounds. We will make available secure facilities to store any baggage or personal belongings while you are away. The museum is located near the city centre in the old tram shed from 1913. The exhibits reflect regional transportation and communication, and the museum is operated on a volunteer basis. We operate a tram line to the city centre. The line originally opened in 1911, and we have recently recreated the line that was totally removed in the 1950s. Our oldest operating tram is one of the first to enter service in Bergen in 1897.


After EHM


Should any participants leaving Bergen have any needs (shipping, storing, service or other practical needs) we are here to help fellow enthusiasts. If some of you wish to spend a few days in the Fjord Capital of Norway, our club will be happy to take you on sightseeing in and around Bergen. We would need to know how many, and contact information for you. We would be happy to host an event for those who plan to spend time in the area. We will happily advise on places to stay, where to eat, what to see, garages catering to classic cars etc.


Please send all inquiries directly to Carl A. Harbitz-Rasmussen by email : pilotcarl@gmail.com 

Update January 2023:

Participants of the EHM event can order the “custom made EHM polo” by sending an order E-mail  to; john@healeymenswear.com     

The high quality brand polo has the EHM logo on the right breast,  “Union jack” on the left arm  and the Healey sign on the back.   
Price : € 60
Healey Menswear will bring the shirts to Geiranger.  
In the order-mail, please fill out : 
Men size  :  M, L, XL, XXL or 3XL           
Woman size :   S, M, L  or XL
Color :  Blue or White   
Polo can be payed by normal bank transfer  to: 
J.G. Beunk  Iban nr.     
NL16ABNA 0524465789         
BIC  nr.  ABNANL2A     
Mention ;  Name, size and color.

Update December 2022:

Dear Healey friends! 
We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
- EHM 2023

Dear Healey friends


December is already here and we all go into pre-Christmas preparations. We would like to give a short update on next year’s EHM and one activity where registration due date is approaching fast.


For Thursday 15 June, we have planned two different activities – “Rally Ålesund” and “Auto slalom”, and it is the latter we would like to draw your attention to in this newsletter.


The auto slalom event is a fun competition where each car will drive a 500-metre track twice and where there are nice prizes for the top performing cars. The track requires no particular skills, and it is not a speed challenge. The event takes place in the area close to the Ville Krefter museum which is an old power plant rebuilt into a museum and activity centre, and lunch for participants will be served here.


Also in the vicinity (~10 kilometers) you can find the Zakarias dam, which is an impressive concrete structure used for hydro power production. At the time of construction (1968) the dam was the tallest in Northern Europe.

It is possible to visit the museum, the Zakarias dam, and even watch the auto slalom competition without being a participant. However, if you would like to have lunch at the Ville Krefter museum, this must be pre-ordered.



If you would like to participate in the auto slalom at the Ville Krefter museum, we ask that you please confirm your participation no later than 15 January 2023 by sending an email to treasurer@ehm2023.com. Price for participation is NOK 950,- per car which includes lunch for both passengers. The cost will be added to the second payment due 31 January 2023.

If you would like to buy only lunch at the Ville Krefter museum you need to confirm it by email day before the EHM 2023 start.


We wish you all a nice advent and will check-in again before Christmas.

Ville Krefter

On behalf of the EHM2023 committee   
Lidek Berdychowski 

Update November 2022:

"Curves - Soulful Driving is an enthusiasts magazine produced in high quality for people who are passionate about driving cars, riding motorbikes or cycling and are in search of pleasure and adventure on the road.


People who want to escape the day-to-day routine and would like to fulfil an exclusive dream. It is magazine for people delight in celebrating the planning of a journey. It is for the enthusiasts and for the true believers who experience the journey in their mind before immersing themselves in the adventure itself."


Curves published lately Norway video with the beautiful roads between Tromsø and Oslo. As a participant of EHM 2023 you are getting a chance to experience some of these roads. Enjoy the video.


Update September 2022:

Breaking News!


EHM2023 Committee has now been able to secure a special EHM offer on ferry transport between Denmark and Norway with Fjordline available to all the EHM 2023 teams.

Fjordline is a major provider of ferry transports across the Skagerrak and their services entails transport  to various  ports in Norway from Hirtshals in Denmark.

Explore their offers here! Use the code; HEHM2023

Update June 2022:

Dear Austin Healey friends,                                                                                         


As summer break is finally upon us or quickly approaching, we thought we would like to give you a short update regarding next year’s EHM 2023 in Norway.


Preparations and planning are well underway, and as part of getting in the right vacation mood, we paid a visit to Geiranger, our destination, and test drove some of the routes exactly one year before we all can finally gather there physically. As you can see from the pictures, it is an area of great contrasts. Deep valleys and long fjords make this part of Norway and the world a remarkable nature experience. With mountains literally stretching all the way down to sea level, the difference in altitude makes it possible to experience a green and lush valley side as well as a snow and ice covered mountain pass within a mere 30 minute drive. At times the roads are so steep that 180 degree turns are more the norm than the exception. Other times the mountain roads are so narrow that the surrounding environment feels as if its one with the car.


We were definitely breath-taken by some of the routes we drove and we hope that  you all will enjoy them as much as we have so far in preparing for next year’s event.


We truly look forward to welcoming you all to EHM 2023 in Geiranger one year from now and wish you a wonderful summer!








Knut Horgen

Arnfinn Sørhaug

Lidek Berdychowski

Behalf on the EHM 2023 Committee 







Update March 2022:

Dear Healey friends


The EHM 2023 Committee is working very hard these days to ensure that the EHM 2023 is going ahead as planned.

We are aiming to put together an unforgettable gathering at Geiranger in Norway for all Austin Healey enthusiasts.
The booking was successfully completed early February and it is now time for all of us to make the first major payment. It is essential that you complete this payment due in time, enabling the treasurer to proceed with required interaction towards our hotels and other planned activities.


You will receive a separate email with a general update and 1st payment details within the week. 

We are really looking forward to this :) 

Kind regards

Lidek Berdychowski


EHM 2023

Update Feb 2022:

We are proud to say Amundsen Sports is one of our sponsors. Just look at their great promo video here

Update December 2021:

Dear Healey friends
Thank you for your beyond interest for EHM 2023. Booking was overwhelming, but it took a relatively short time before we understood our under-capacity accommodation problem. Luckily, we saw a chance to improve hotel capacity by 25%.  We succeed not only with additional number of rooms but with our intentions to offer you best possible stay in Geiranger. It means many of you awaiting an answer, will receive by e -mail booking confirmation or waiting list confirmation. This process still takes some days, so please be patient with us.

Some preliminary figures, EHM 2023 has more than 250 bookings. One booking means 1 car with a crew. Beside that, we have significant waiting list. The pie chart below shows percentage of participations from corresponding countries.

We are preparing more info about possible routes, suggestions regarding best destinations and suggestions in Norway. Please look at our website EHM 2023. Any other question can be addressed by e-mail to 

We wish you merry Christmas and happy new year 2022.

Lidek Berdychowski
Behalf of EHM 2023 organizing committee.

Update October 2021:
Exciting news! On Saturday we will open up for bookings (30.10.21). We will remind you of this on our Facbookpage as soon as the booking is live.


Have a good week :)

Update (August 2021)! 

We are still following the pandemic situation, and this will of course affect our work and probably your decision whether to participate or not. However, we have at least decided to continue planning for an event in 2023 (June 12th-18th).

To continue our work, we need to know how many of you think will join us in Norway in 2023. In short time we will present a preliminary program, date of registration, registration fee and prices for participation.


PS: We would like to remind you that participation at EHM2023 requires membership of a national Austin Healey Club.

Dear Healey friends


The pandemic situation has hit the world hard and we still do not know the end of it. It will be many months until we can say that we have succeeded in fighting the Corona virus. Hopefully, there will be a vaccine available soon. Until then, we must do our best and follow what the authorities advise us to do in order to stay safe through these difficult times.

After considering all the circumstances, we have concluded that it will be difficult to plan and carry out an event in June 2022.

At this moment, national regulations in Norway prevent Geiranger Hotel to accept reservations for groups of more than 200 people. It is also difficult for possible participants to decide to come to Norway for the European Healey Meeting. Travel arrangements needs to be planned and cars to shipped which requires time.

Therefore, the organizing committee of the 6th European Healey Meeting has set new dates; we want to welcome all of you Healey enthusiasts to Hotel Union Geiranger, Norway 12.-18. June 2023.

Until then, we will continue planning and open a preliminary registration around springtime 2021. This will give us an indication of interest for the event. A mandatory registration will be possible autumtime 2021.

We will provide you with information on our website; ehm2022.com and you can join us on Facebook (European Healey Meeting 2022). We will change the name, from 2022 to 2023 in due time.


We hope you will stay safe and healthy!

The Organizing Committee - EHM 2023